Given Nepal's historic links with the UK, this destination has retained its attractiveness over the years for Nepali students. There are several reasons to choose the UK for your further studies. UK is home to institutions like Oxford and Cambridge and hundreds of others that showcase the kind of academic excellence that is conspicuous by its absence in most European nations. In addition, the holistic exposure one gains on a UK campus is the very best of its kind and the long term prospects after you earn a UK degree are immense. 


Time line: We create a time-line which lists all the processes that have to be and the time within which each process has to be completed.

Admissions: We create your personal profile and match it against university/college profiles. We short-list several universities and colleges as per your profile and assist you to apply to these universities. We then follow up with various international offices till you obtain your CAS letter.

Visa Documentation: We give you the best advice in preparing your visa documentation in a manner that is comprehensive and accurately reflects your intent, ability and means to study in the UK.

Advice for dependants: If you are applying for a level 7 course or above, your dependants are eligible to travel with you. We provide comprehensive counselling on the best ways to apply for your dependants.

DOCUMENTATION 101: This is a daily workshop at a fixed time. Our counsellors conduct this workshop in order to advice you on the best ways to prepare your documents. This workshop lasts for an hour from Sunday to Friday.

Pre Departure Orientation: This is a short workshop that will teach you the most important aspects of arrival and survival in the UK as a student. 


International students going for UG and PG are allowed to work part time ( for not more than 20 hours per week) during term and full time during vacations. 

Student can stay in UK for 4 months after completing their studies and look for a job and if they get a job for more than 20,000 GBP per annum, then they can get their visa converted into work visa ( Tier 1) and work , else they have to go back to their home country.