Wentworth Institute

Bachelor Degree

 Accounting, Business, Interactive Media- IT

Master degree

MPA, Business

Sothern Cross University
Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth &more

Bachelor in IT, Accounting, Hotel Management, Nursing & more

Master degree in Accounting, IT, Hospitality etc

CQ University
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane &more

Bachelor in IT, Accounting, Engineering

Nursing & more

Master degree in Accounting, IT, Engineering, MPH, Project management

Federation University
Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane

Bachelor in IT, Accounting

Master degree in Accounting, IT,

 MBA etc

USQ Sydney

Bachelor in IT, Accounting

Master degree in Accounting, IT,

 MBA etc

University of Sunshine Coast
Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane

Bachelor in IT, Accounting

Master degree in Accounting, IT,

 MBA etc

Cambridge Int’l College
Melbourne Perth

Bachelor degree in

Business, Accounting etc

NAVITAS Group (Western Sydney, La Trobe, Deakin, Curtin, Griffith, Canberra, New Castle, Curtin, University of Adelaide, Edith Cowan)
All cities
Diploma & Bachelor, Master - Nursing, Engineering, Accounting, Health, IT Pharmacy etc


Modern Australia was founded with the influx of European settlers just over two hundred years ago, but the Aborigines inhabited the island continent for tens of thousands of years before that. They numbered a few hundred thousand before the European influx. But two centuries of discrimination and expropriation followed, and at one point the indigenous population fell as low as 60,000. Australia's politicians at first looked to Europe and the US in foreign policy, but in the past 20 years or so they have made their near neighbours a priority.


Australia has been colonized for above 42,000 years by aboriginal Australians, following the periodic visits of fishermen from Europe and discovery of Dutch voyagers in 1606. Later in 1770, the eastern part of Australia was claimed by British who transported convicts to New South Wales in 1788. Many of the first settlers were thus British convicts. Free settlers arrived in increasing numbers, particularly after the discovery of gold in the mid-19th century. In 19th century, another five colonies were explored. On 1 January 1901, Australia was formed with the federation of 6 colonies. Since then it has maintained a constant liberal democratic political system. Canberra is the capital city located in Australian Capital Territory (ACT )and population is approx. 21,511,788 as in March 2009. Among them 60% has concentrated in and around the state capitals of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Today, 99% of the population is of European or Asian descent.


Australia has a prosperous and mixed economy in western-style with a per capita GDP in excess of many urbanized countries like, UK, Germany, and France. It is ranked third in the United Nations in 2007 and sixth in The Economist in 2005. By the end of March 2008, the GDP per capita of Australia was about $ 824.9 Billion (CIA World Fact book). The inflation rate was 4.7% per annum and 4.5% of unemployment rate in 2008. Service sector constitutes 69% of GDP, whereas agriculture and natural resources constitute 3% and 5% of GDP respectively. These statistical facts advocate that there is excellent scope for career formation in every sector. Australia has trade exports of coal, iron ore, non-monetary gold, crude petroleum and bovine meat to China, Japan, South Korea, which has amounted $ 178.9 Billion in 2008. It imports passenger motor vehicles, computers, medicaments and telecommunication equipments from China, US, Japan, Singapore and Germany, which has amounted to $ 187.2 Billion.


The prediction of job opportunities for international students in Australia is associated with the comprehensive visa requirements. In Australia there is good scope for various professions including doctors, teachers, accountants, plumbers, nurses, carpenters, dentists and IT managers. You can get the complete information on the applications of visas migration on Department of Immigration and Citizenship website. There are good opportunities for the graduates who secure permanent residence in Australia. You can get further details about graduate destinations on Graduate Careers Australia.


Average AUD 250 per week (including sharing accommodation, food, clothing, entertainment, transport, telephone)


International students receive permission to work along with their visa. You are allowed to work 20 hours a week during term and work unlimited hours during term Christmas breaks. But you cannot begin work until your course has started. If any dependants come with you they are also allowed to work 20 hours a week once your course commences. In case you are pursuing a Masters or Doctoral degree your dependants may work unlimited hours.