University Of Warmia and Mazury School of Medicine is ranked in the fourth position in Poland as one of the Best Universities in Poland to study MBBS. UWM was established on 1st of September, 1999 by Aleksander Kwasniewski, the Polish President and Miroslaw Hanke, Minister of Education. This University has a wide versatility with three institutions i.e., The Academy Of Agriculture and Technology, The Pedagogical Institute, and The Warmia Institute of Theology. Having more than 15 faculties, this University operates as an autonomous unit.

Some of the Faculties of UWM which provides various assistances to Students in studying there includes:

  • The Faculty of Animal Bioengineering.
  • The Faculty of Economics.
  • The Faculty of Arts.
  • The Faculty of Fisheries.
  • The Faculty of Environmental Sciences.
  • The Faculty of Biology.
  • The Faculty of Biotechnology.
  • The Faculty of Human Sciences.
  • The Faculty of Mathematics.
  • The Faculty of Theology.
  • The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

There are few more faculties available in the University which helps in resourceful studies for the Global Students who is aspiring to Study in Poland .University of Warmia and Mazury is located in the south western neighbourhood of Olsztyn, north-eastern Poland having over 90 departments in the University. Number of students including the post-graduates exceeds to 46000 as recorded. The number of teaching staffs and professors of the University exceeds close to 3000 people.

Why to choose UWM to Study MBBS in Poland?

  • The University provides an autonomous entity inclusive of The University Library which is 24 hours open for readings and research assignments. The Library is like a new kind of intelligent building situated in the campus with high integrated systems and managements with air-conditioned , well-equipped, monitoring and accessible devices for The Medical Students.
  • Addition of Strategic Studies is included to anticipate threats.
  • A different field i.e., Biotechnology is scheduled to offer new educational joints provided by the University of Warmia.
  • MCI approved.
  • IELTS not required.
  • Classes will be conducted in the English Medium.
  • Opportunity for joint researches.
  • Computer labs can be accessible for 24 hours.
  • Zenith level infrastructure with accommodation and hostel facilities with deluxe living.
  • Students from all over world are welcome as India, UK, Singapore.
  • Admission facilities are available in both ways – Online and Offline.
  • Nationwide standard for research and Education.

So if you wish to study MBBS Admission in Poland, join University of Warmia and Mazury School of Medicine today .

MBBS Admission Announcement 2019

Eligibility Overview Academic Session - September 2019

Applications are invited from Senior Secondary School students (Senior Sec /A levels/ CBSE Board/ IB) who wish to study

Course Overview

MBBS: 6yrs: (5yrs of study with clinical studies/electives every year + 1 yr of Internship)

Fees Structure

Academic Year Currency Total
1st Year Rupees 10,77,000
2nd Year Rupees 10,37,000
3rd Year Rupees 10,37,000
4th Year Rupees 10,37,000
5th Year Rupees 10,37,000
6th Year Rupees 10,37,000

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Examination Date

Sr. No. Location Date
1 New Delhi, India 16th May 2019
2 Kochi, India 23rd May 2019
3 New Delhi, India 05th July 2019

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