EMILIO AGUINALDO COLLEGE is one of the best medical colleges in Philippines whose former name was Marian School of Midwifery in 1957.This College was invented by Dr.Paulo C.Campos who was one of the most brilliant Filipino National Scientist recognised for his work on nuclear medicine and researches. After the addition MBBS, Arts and Photography, Colleges of Arts and Science were added to the list.

Emilio Aguinaldo College aka Marian College undertook its first school units at Cavite in 1977. In September,1977,the name Marian College was changed to General Emilio Aguinaldo College. It has two campuses. The main campus is named as Ermita, Manila and the other is Dasmarinas, Cavite. There are almost hundreds of students who take admission in this college from all over the country to study MBBS in Philippines. Emilio Aguinaldo has been ranked as one of the best Medical universities in Philippines which believe in providing high quality subject material with experienced instructors for the Medical Students.

Why should you join Emilio Aguinaldo College?

  • MCI and WHO approved.
  • Listed in IMED directions.
  • Follows American pattern of education.
  • Almost 95% of the Filipino people speak English.
  • Registered an affiliation with California Board of Medicine.
  • Students can be able to avail rotational internship at Manila General Hospital.
  • IELTS is not mandatory.
  • Indian food is widely available in Manila.
  • 100% English language is offered as the core subject.English is the official language of Philippines.

Goals of Emilio Aguinaldo College, Philippines:

Few evaluations and implementations formed by Emilio Aguinaldo College i.e.,

  1. Excellence in Academics and Scholarly behaviour.
  2. Medical etiquettes and moral values.
  3. Fellow respect for Filipino values and tradition.
  4. Love for the country.
  5. A personnel development management to magnify the University rules and regulations.
  6. A program consisting of the upgraded procedure for the expansion of teaching practices and faculties.
  7. Bestowment of all high level educational facilities and resources to study MBBS.
  8. The moral of the college is to have an emphasis on the attitude of justice, honesty, integrity and respect for life.
  9. Proper Intellectualism to encourage students to achieve optimum level of reach in their path of orientation.
  10. Social and Psychological resources to help students to develop awareness and sense of self-motivations and worth.
  11. Technical and Clinical opportunity to provide the students with Clinic opportunities to examine their theoretical knowledge to get prepared for MBBS in future.
  12. Creating apprehension amongst the students in Medical field so that they can develop the awareness about realities of life and the necessity of a continuing education to prepare the students to cope with the challenges of global development.

Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine includes competent and upgraded academicians and has few International links and Accreditations i.e. ,Nepal Medical Council, Medical Council of India(MCI),Thai Medical Council and others.

Fees structure

BS-MBBS/MD Program Fee Structure for 2019
Pre Medical (BS Course)+ MBBS / MD (4 years) 

Year Fee in US$ (Appr.) Fee in Philippine Peso
Admission Fee + Pre Medical (BS Course) Fees US$ 2,500 + US $ 3673 = US $ 6173 Peso 133467 +Peso 196054 = Peso 329521
2nd Year Fee (1 st year MD) US $ 5618 Peso 2,99,669
3 rd Year Fee (2 nd Year MD) US $ 5432 Peso 2,44,440
4 th Year Fee (3 rd Year MD) US $ 5068 Peso 2,28,060
5 th Year Fee (4 th Year MD) US $ 5395 Peso 2,42,775
TOTAL US$ 27686 Peso 1344465

Hostel - Rs 5000/- to 8000Rs depending on 4 sharing or 2 sharing
Food Cost – Rs 5000/- per month approx., depending on food habit

Head Office:

Diamond Heritage Building, Room No: 809A, 8th Floor, 16 Strand Road, Fairley Place, BBD Bagh, Kolkata: 700001, West Bengal.

Tel.: +91 8697469691

Tel: +91 8336932235

Branch Office:


Tel.: +91 8697469691

Tel: +91 8336932235

Branch Office:

Shop No:- 1 & 2, Vinayak Residency Ganesh Nagar, Jalaram Mandir Road, Chharwada, Vapi Gujarat:-396191

Tel.: +91 9081111993

Tel: +91 9081111994